Payment Processing

Perhaps the most important thing we do is make sure that donors’ gifts reach charities safely, accountably and on time – all the time. We use our thorough knowledge of banking processes to help our partners sort out any little details, which may hold-up the smooth flow of donations.

Fast and accurate processing

Our payment processing team runs on well-established business procedures and best practises. We process hundreds of thousands of donations every month, across 44 charities and 10 countries without missing a beat.

Due diligence

Starting a new fundraising program in a new country can be overwhelming. However, our vast experience in different markets and our detailed understanding of regulatory and compliance requirements, means that SG can advise and help charities set-up banking relationships, easily and quickly.


If things ever do go wrong, we take proactive steps to make sure that those issues are fixed quickly and that they stay fixed.

Data Housing and Management

As caretakers, we take great pride in both our technical and best-practise aspects of data security which are always in line with our partners’ statutory requirements.