Donor Communications

At SG, we believe that donor communications is more than sending the right stuff, to the right people, at the right time. A great communications plan should ultimately increase the value of a charity’s database by cultivating a strong relationship between the charity and donor.
By having great designed, tailored communication strategies, we monitor what makes donors tick and stay engaged with causes which helps our partners build stronger relationships with their donors.

Design & Creative

Our talented team of designers do first-rate work in both hardcopy and digital. We work with our clients to understand the brief and create designs that positively impact and inspire.

Digital and print publishing

Our publishing team brings donor communication plans to life. We make sure that whatever the communication, it reaches donors on time and on budget – whilst also considering what is environmentally prudent.


A key part of our donor communications team service is measuring what actually works. From basic analytics like open rates and click rates, to much more advanced campaign analysis. Our extended market reach and the diversity of our partners means that when it comes to donor communications, we talk in facts not theory.