Contact Centre

Our talented teams on the phone represent our partners with passion, enthusiasm and sincerity. We speak the local language of all the countries we work in and are committed to informing donors so they know how their contributions are making a difference and to answer any questions that they may have.
The calls services we offer include:

Inbound Calls

Our contact centre provides all the necessary help that a donor may require in one convenient call. Whether it is getting the latest news on their charity, updating personal data or making adjustments to their monthly gifts. SG acts as a single point of contact for charities and their donors. We can also help handle any emergency appeals or responses.

Outbound Calls

People change credit cards or move homes all the time, so we proactively call donors whenever we notice that their donations are no longer coming through or their mail is being returned. In short, we make it easy for donors to continue donating and making a difference.


Whether it’s explaining a worthy reason to increase a donation amount or winning new supporters, our teams use their expertise and experience to reach out to donors and deliver brilliant results for our partners.